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Stage 11: Rendering

by Ian Ibbotson


In this final stage of the project, views created with the Key 3D View Manager are rendered using Supersampling for best quality.

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  • Carry on from the previous scene or open ACAD to 3D Stage 11.max
  • Use Key 3D View Manager to set up further views and render:

TIP: When performing final renders use Supersampling to increase the quality of mapped textures in the scene.Supersampling is an optional additional anti-aliasing step that provides a "best guess" color for each rendered pixel. The supersampler's output is then passed on to the renderer, which performs a final antialiasing pass. This scene relies on many image maps and textures and will benefit from 'global supersampling' (ie on all texture maps in the scene). To enable global supersampling do the following:

  • Rendering> Render Scene dialog > Renderer Tab > Global SuperSampling
  • Uncheck Disable all Samplers and check Enable Global Supersampler to supersample texture maps when rendering
  • Increase or decrease the Quality amount (by 0.1 increments) and check render times and image quality to optimise the supersampling

TIP: When performing draft renders check Disable all Samplers to save render time

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